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   Slice of Heaven Pizzeria provides the community with good service, great flavor, and a family-friendly atmosphere.


  The Couch family (Doug, Brenda, Kenneth and Shaedra), who launched their business in the former Fox’s Pizza location on North Xenia Drive.  We have been "pleasantly surprised” by the amount of business and positive feedback we have received from customers so far.  

   Doug, Brenda, and Ken are all graduates of Greenon High School, and Doug (a retired USAF Major and Security Forces Commander), once worked at the store back when it was Fox’s. The Couch's have kept an eye on the business over the years in hopes that it would go up for sale, and were very close to buying the business several years ago when it did appear on the market, however, those plans fell through. They said it was just chance when their son Tyler happened to drive by the location and saw the “For Sale” sign taped to the front door.  Together, the Couch brothers have around 30 years of experience working in the pizza industry.

   Slice of Heaven strives to provide an environment where families can feel comfortable dining in, as the restaurant does not serve any alcohol. The flavor of their pizza is unrivaled anywhere within a 30-mile radius, as they serve only a special four-cheese blend on their pies. They noted that customers ordering pizzas with more than one topping will find their toppings baked underneath the cheese instead of on top, which they said makes it cook better as well as sealing in the flavor.

   In addition to our pizzas, we also serve up wings, spaghetti, strombolis, hoagies, desserts, mozzarella cheese sticks, and other sides. Their “Big John” pizza, named in honor of Doug and Ken’s Uncle John who passed away in the late 1980s, includes 21 slices of pizza. Their Goliath pizza is the most massive on the menu however, measuring in at 25 whopping inches!

  We ask the community to keep an eye out for “Big Cheesy,” our restaurant’s mascot, as he frolics around the town. While Big Cheesy is a giant slice of pizza, our family asks our patrons to keep an eye out for “Little Cheesy” hidden somewhere inside the restaurant.  When youngsters find the hidden little pizza slice they can notify the desk to receive a treat.  

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